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Well the year is about to be over, you’ve had your Christmas celebrations, skipped you daily walk / run / cycle (just for this week – right?).

You’ve eaten food you would normally avoid – but just a “little bit” to get into the festive season – right!

You’re feeling happy, you’ve caught up with your friends and family and relaxed your rules, Ahhh that feels better.  And it should!

We all have to take a break and have some time out.

But just be careful not to let those rules slip away for too long, otherwise you will create a new “bad habit” – and that will take some effort to shake off !

Now you know you are determined to make this coming year bigger, better and more successful but somewhere lurking in the back of your mind is the thought – “Can I do it? Am I kidding myself?

What do I need to do? Will I keep my promise of a successful year or will I let myself down?

it’s time to start thinking about the successful year ahead – you know you are determined to have.  Reflecting on the passing year, you may have regret around what you could have done better, put more effort it, didn’t quite make your target – BUT you vow to make sure that this new year will be different !

I found Dean Graziozi’s book “Millionaire Success Habits: The Gateway to Prosperity and Success” a good read.

So, the first question I want to ask you – What will you do differently this year?

It takes determination, commitment and a ‘big why’ to smash out a successful year.  Here are some tips to help you create and maintain your new year right to the successful completion on December 24th.

Step 1 – Write Down Your Goals

Tony Robbins once said that your success is 80% psychology and 20% fundamental. Which means if you get in the right frame of mind, you can almost guarantee your success at some point in the future.

What Napoleon Hill similarly teaches in his books is that your mind is your greatest ally and enemy at the same time. Many people don’t succeed because of their beliefs that they develop.

Writing down your goals is not a rushed job while your mind is thinking about other things you need to do.  Just clear some space and sit down with plenty of uninterrupted time.

When you write your goal, think about how you want it to look, feel, smell, taste.  When you have an emotional connection in your body as you are imagining your goal, your subconscious will know that this is ‘a must’ and it will go after that goal like a heat seeking missile.

GoalsStep 2 – Write A Concise Statement Of Your Goals

So what does one of your goals look like?  Write down precisely what each goal will look like; how will it feel; how will it grow.

For example, if saving money is one of your goals – how would you teach somebody to do that?  Those are the steps you write down.  i.e: Open a Savings Account with XXX Bank (ensure the bank has the best rates); each Thursday deposit $100 into that account (pay yourself first);  Diarise every Thursday at 10am to remind you to Deposit the money etc.  You get the idea?

“When you stop moving forward you will instantly start the ‘stagnation’ process from which some people never recover – keep moving forward” …. Patricia Laverty

Step 3 – Your Big Why

Okay you have your goals, you have your plan and your list, now it’s time to discover your Big Why.  Why are you creating these goals?  What is it you will benefit from when you achieve them? What are you striving to achieve?

Is it unlimited wealth?  Is it to pay for those debits you just can seem to shake off?

What is your Big Why?

It is vitally important that you write it down – in detail – the reasons you must achieve the goals you just set for yourself.

To accelerate and increase your chances of achieving these goals it’s important that you create an emotional experience of actually having achieved your goals.  How is it going to feel when you achieve one of your goals? Feel it, touch it, sense.  Having that amazing feeling of success, jubilation, gratitude, completion will accelerate the chances of you actually achieving your goals.

So where to from here?

Are you going to take his advice and let your mind be your greatest ally or reject it and allow it to be your greatest enemy?

Having an attitude of Gratitude is one of the most powerful emotions you can have.  Make this a daily mantra and watch your life change before your eyes.

I wish you amazing success

With Love and Gratitude


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