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From the desk of Patricia Laverty
West of Main Beach, Gold Coast

Do you like to blog?  Is Your Blog Monetized?

How would you like to know the secrets of a world class blogger and how she monetises her life? How would you like to learn how to Monetize your blog within one hour?

Before I get ahead of myself, let me put things into perspective…

Not everyone is destined to be a great blogger! (Not without some expert guidance anyway)

But like all skills, it can be learned… (and there’s a clever and not so obvious way to make it pay too).

So let me reassure you… it’s not your fault!

Why? Because you can’t know what you don’t know. The thing is I’m about to change all that. So, if you want to know how to monetise your skill, your idea, your passion, then read on as I unpack a one day event with the potential to change you… forever!

Now if you’re anything like me, you will be mystified as to how some people just seem to make a success of themselves. They make it look so easy. It’s like they just decide to make it happen and then it happens!

How do they do it?

Well, you could be forgiven for thinking it is all about the action. And yes, it’s true… Ordinary people like you and me are shaping their future using the one thing they trust. Even age is no barrier! Did you know there are people under 20 being just as successful as people over 60. 

But action alone is kind of technical, especially if you don’t have a passion to go with it. Passion is the core of all successful ventures.

Look at it this way…

Have you ever seen someone perform a song that was sterile? They never missed a beat or a note, their pitch was accurate but somehow the song didn’t sell. Then you have the performer who connects with the audience, pours out their heart and soul and brings the house down.

What’s the difference? Passion!

The funny thing is we are sold the lie from birth that passion and earning a living are divorced from each other. This is why it’s not your fault. You go to school where you are programmed to get a job, pay tax and for the most part, build someone else’s dream.

What if you could follow your own dream?

What if you could take your love of blogging and bring yourself a steady and constant income?  Learn how to Monetize within one hour!

You know, living the dream is not as farfetched as it sounds. You already know what you love to do. All you need to do is use it to solve somebody else’s problem… I know, obvious huh!

Where are you at right now?

Maybe you’re in that job which pays the bills. Maybe you are feeling those bills are controlling you and keeping you in that job. Maybe you even think that job has you in a vice grip and manipulates you to show up, day in, day out, like a lab rat on the tread mill.

This is what I call the “grey existence”.

You go from check point to check point, satisfying the requirements, just bored enough to be fed up but not knowing how to break out. You crave colour in your life. You want a change of scenery. You plot your move but lack that one foundational piece of info which can remove you from the monotonous, relentless orbit your world has become.

This is where your passion comes in. The colour you crave is at the peak of your passion. You just have to chase the rainbow! And yes, there really is a pot of gold at the end of it.

I know, because I managed to break out of my grey existence and focus on the colour. Funny really, I didn’t just change my path… I bolted and made good my escape! I wanted to put so much distance between myself and the grey existence that I left my comfort hanging on the gate post of my past.

And when you do this, you learn! You’re forced to.

You discover a whole new world. You begin to build alternate ways of seeing things, new perspectives and make a new awareness for yourself.

Is it comfortable? No way.

Is it good for you? Absolutely!

Among other things, this is what you will begin to realise at the Blogging For Profit Workshop.

Click here to register your seats now! (Small intimate group)

What passion, skill, knowledge or solution do you have that you want to set free?

What do you need some help and direction with to move forward?

At the “Blogging For Profit” Workshop you’ll learn:

  • How to Monetize Your Blog WITHIN ONE HOUR !
  • Secret strategies successful bloggers use to bank roll their lifestyle
  • How to turn your words into fame and fortune
  • Words, phrases and sentiments you must avoid when blogging
  • Why bloggers miss the mark and lose vital income
  • How strategic stories create reader engagement.
  • The single most effective reason to blog
  • What every blogger ought to do before they launch into their weekly blog
  • How to build a targeted and engaged audience from scratch

And these are just some of the nuggets you’ll take home with you….

That’s when I started to study the greats… famous bloggers who had amassed personal fortunes and changed the world in their niche.

Gary Vaynerchuk, through online video blogging expanded his business from a $3M per year wine retail store to a $60M wine wholesale business.

Chloe Morello who through her YouTube beauty and style channel has a massive 2.3 million subscribers.

Michelle Schroeder-Gardner whose blog averages 500,000 page views per month, bringing her $1 million for the year of 2016 alone.

The blogging sequence which is generating hoards of raving fans

I’ll bet you have written volumes over the years. In fact if you were to bind it all together you could easily package up into a book. I did! I amazed myself. This strategy helped me write my book “30 Days To Online Success”. And becoming an author increased my credibility exponentially. Let me tell you, it’s the best business card ever!

Here’s the thing… how many times did you stare at a blank screen, knowing that you have people waiting to read your knowledge nuggets and you have no idea how to start or what to write about?

What if you had a sequence to fall back on which made your writing relevant to current topics and events?

What if getting stuck for ideas were a thing of the past?

Well, one of the side benefits of the “Blogging For Profit” Workshop is a “Writing Prompter” which gives you simple and effective ways to launch your blog content for any given day of the year. This is more than just season or occasion based, it’s a little known, under the radar method the most successful bloggers use almost by default. And it’s yours for free when you attend this event.

Did you hear about the blogging specialist who built an automatic audience builder by accident?

Could this be you?

During the workshop you will get an opportunity to alter your future and take charge of where your life is heading. I’m looking for people who are able to articulate themselves and engage an audience with the written word. I’m not talking about a journalist, I’m looking for a particular talent which entertains and educates all at once.

You know who you are. You are the person who will act on the knowledge you gain at the workshop and build your ability into a revenue stream.

The truth is, you are someone who has underestimated the monetary value of your own ability. Up until now you haven’t realised just how lucrative words can be in the blogging space.

You know… in this new age of technology and online communication, you as an individual can share your knowledge with as much effectiveness as a monstrous news corporation and have equal or greater impact. The online world has actually become the great leveler. Your audience is no longer your local community; it’s now a worldwide audience.

Warren Buffet recently said in an interview that offline written media like newspapers will be gone in the next 5 years.

Do you get the significance of this?

Your writing ability has no place else to go other than online! Right now you are at the forefront of the new frontier.

In light of this, do you think there might be an audience for you to talk to?

No matter what topic your passion is about, there are definitely others out there who share your passion. These people are online, searching for knowledge and understanding about it. And you have a piece of the puzzle which can add value to their lives.

Blogging your way to the bank in your pajamas 

You may not be aware of this but there’s a little known side effect from helping people realise their dream… it is called wealth.

The thing is you help people all the time. Isn’t it time you got a return on your investment? I mean, what’s your most precious commodity? Isn’t it time? And yet you freely give it away and cost yourself a fortune in the process.

Blogging is actually one of the more efficient ways to help people because you write it once, publish it and reach multiple readers and enrich their lives.

Blogging, the secret to monetising your dreams

For example: Using a simple campaign which took me an hour to deliver, I generated $9,940. And based on similar content using the foundations from the previous campaign I delivered 2 x 90 minute presentations which generated over $50,000 from a $0 start. I could not have done this if I didn’t already have some credibility in the marketplace.

How did I get that credibility? By Blogging!

…And you can do this too. At the “Blogging For Profit” Workshop I’ll be revealing some tricks and hidden strategies which will put your blogging productivity on steroids. Things like:

  • A blogging formula that blows the lid on passive income
  • The special formula successful bloggers use to smash writers block
  • Viral blogs… the secret formula
  • The most effective blog plots ever written
  • Why stories are the best form of blogging
  • Why the most successful bloggers use stories
  • The most effective uses for parables
  • Hidden truths which can make your blog go viral

Click here to register your seats now!

Jim Rohn was an American entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker. His rags to riches story played a large part in his work. This famous quote of his absolutely hits the mark:

“We must all suffer from one of two pains: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret. The difference is discipline weighs ounces while regret weighs tons.”

Gold Coast
9th June 2018

Nerang-Broadbeach Rd

14th July 2018


23rd June 2018


These people are experts in their field. What they have in common is a passionate desire to share their knowledge with like minded people. Pretty simple isn’t it?

And there are many other bloggers who started from nothing to become an amazing success story too. 

Are you next?

Perhaps your passion, idea or skill is in creating things. Maybe it’s in selling products, or coaching, or real estate… I could go on and on and on…  But you know what that passion is for you… and it’s been craving to have a voice from day dot. 

Some days you think about it but are too fearful or embarrassed to speak out. 

But other days, it feels like it’s going to burst out of you without warning.

Listen to this feeling. It’s telling you something very important. The reason it nags at you is because it’s an unresolved issue within you and it won’t quiet down until you take notice of it. 

Or worse you will leave it too late and you will be filled with regret!

How is it going to be for you? The discipline of doing something you absolutely love and achieving your dreams, or doing nothing and looking back in regret?

Once you decide to follow your heart….. amazing things happen!

Here’s a bit about me:

You could probably say I ‘cut my teeth’ in the University World and Private Industry Sector. I’ve always been interested in the ‘techie’ ‘geeky’ stuff and found I had a natural way of imparting my knowledge to my students and clients. Over the years I’ve owned bricks and mortar businesses – but my jaw hit the floor when I realised just how much freedom and leverage you can have with your own online business.

I was always a good speller, but writing not so much, I didn’t suck at it but I really struggled. I had swallowed (and believed in) the false security of working for other people, too scared to step forward and too scared to have a voice. I found my strongest skill was to be able to explain geeky, techie stuff to people in plain English and that’s what kept the hope and fire alive within me until I could find a way to unveil my passion.

My core gift is helping people succeed. That’s what really makes my day. So when my clients say to me, Hey Patricia, I understood what you said and made it happen that’s like Gold to me. I found that by combining my technical, geeky expertise with Blogging I could help people turn their passion into an online business using my Blogging for Profit strategy. So, I set out to discover the best, easiest and funnest (yes it can be fun) techniques I could use to make this journey an enjoyable and rewarding one for everybody.

That’s when I started to study the greats famous bloggers who had amassed personal fortunes and changed the world in their niche.

“By Popular Demand”

By popular demand, I’ll be delivering a 1 day training called “Blogging For Profit” where I’ll teach you my proven system for generating an online passive income.

This unprecedented event contains cutting edge information about what is working right now in the blogging arena.

I’ll reveal in detail, how to turn your idea, skill or passion into an online passive income.

You’ll discover strategies and receive guidance and help to take control of your life and find the path to where you were always destined to be… And the best thing is, you will go there on your terms.

You already know this… but the Internet provides an answer to people’s problems. It’s where skilled, passionate, knowledgeable people share their secrets and solutions.  And when you want an answer to a question, what do you do? You Google it of course, looking for facts, figures, recipes, designs and answers to your problems.  You’re looking for a solution!

Let me just say…

You have a Solution to Somebody’s problem.

Yes YOU!

Your idea, your passion, your skill is a solution to somebody else’s problem.

True or true?

But how are they going to find you?

How are you going to be able to promote yourself or your solution?

Consider this:

  • What have you got hidden deep down?
  • What have you smothered?
  • What have you been too afraid to show the world?
  • What are you passionate about?
  • What is it that makes you smile when you think of it?
  • What passion do you have that, when realised, will make you happy?

I’ll teach you the easiest and most lucrative strategy to profit from your passion… within an hour.

But it’s only for a small group of people so if you have the slightest urge to come along, book your seat now. I really don’t want you to miss out.

I know from personal experience how valuable individual attention is when you are learning new things. I’m keeping the numbers small so I can give you my attention with minimal distractions.

And I want you to get full value from this event.

Click here to register your seats now!

Yes, I know it’s short notice. Truth is I hadn’t intended to do any workshops this year. But the phone keeps ringing and the emails keep coming so here is what I think will be your only chance to see me this year. So I figure you’ll either see the value of making the effort at such short notice or you won’t.  

            So just imagine…

“If I Could Show You How To WOW Your Audience So They Become Loyal, Profitable Followers Who Stay, Pay & Refer … If I Could Hand You Proven Systems To Rejuvenate And Re-energise Your List… And If I Could Give You The Blueprint To Making A Lot More Money While Working Less Hours… Then Don’t You Think It’s Worth a Mere $47 To Grab a Seat at This Workshop?”

I wanted to make this training available to you for a very affordable price.  Normally this training is sold at $997.00.  But for this workshop I wanted to encourage you to attend so I can help you move forward TOWARDS your goals and the achievement of your dreams.

So, here’s what I’ve decided. I want my message to reach as many people as possible… So I’m inviting YOU to attend this cutting edge “Blogging For Profit” training for only $47.

And that’s what you’re going to get…

  • Proven systems that work like clockwork in attracting and retaining quality clients that stay, pay and refer.
  • Proven strategies that rejuvenate and re-energise any list
  • Little-known techniques to automate and simplify blogging so you can use your time more efficiently
  • You’ll be in a room with like-minded individuals, who want you to achieve their desires, goals and dreams, just like you.
  • You will be working on your blog, learning how to generate traffic and how it interacts with your website
  • Learn how to create an amazing blog – even if you don’t like, or aren’t good at writing. This strategy is the big winner of the day!  You’ll be able to use it again and again.
  • Monetize your blog – you will learn powerful, traffic attracting, methods to have visitors on your site turn from cold traffic into warm ready to buy customers.
  • This is a ‘hands on’ workshop. You’ll be working on your ideas, your passion as you learn the tried and true techniques.
  • You will be inspired by the ideas that are in the room. You won’t want to go back to your old ways after this.  All movement is forward from now on and you’ll be unstoppable.
  • All of this for just $47 and one day of your time.

And not only that, you get my Outrageous Money-Back Guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied.

Let me spell this out clearly for you…

Workshop Guarantee

When attending this Workshop, you don’t believe you’ve learnt things you can implement immediately for your blogging that you can see will produce an immediate impact on your income, then simply tell me so and I’ll refund your workshop ticket price in FULL!.

That’s my boldest, RISK IS ON ME, IRON CLAD, NO WEASEL OUT, 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.  PLUS you can keep the FREE Bonus Manual “Writing Prompter” given at the workshop.

At just $47… This represents excellent value for money! It’s a whole day, jam packed with actionable content you can use right away.

Click here to register your seats now!

Avoid Disappointment… Don’t Put This Off Until Later

My webinars have been known to fill up quickly, so I expect this workshop to do the same, especially because seats are very limited. Book early and avoid disappointment!

Remember, I’m keeping the numbers low on purpose. I want your experience to be fully and completely digestible. I want you to leave the workshop crammed full of great new strategies and ideas which will improve not only the way you connect with your audience, but your life as well.

TO BOOK YOUR SEAT:  Simply click here to register your seats now.

PLUS… Your Special Attendee’s Bonus!

For simply attending the event I’m giving you this Amazing BONUS – A Private Mentoring session with Me (Valued at $597). This will accelerate your leaning and success! It’s a special gift as a thank you for registering (but you must attend on the day). At the workshop I will give you a personally numbered mentoring voucher as proof of your attendance.

I’m really looking forward to spending some quality time with you and helping you accelerate your blogging skills.

You have worked hard to get where you are today. You deserve to be rewarded for all that effort.

See you at the workshop…

Sincerely yours,



Gold Coast
9th June 2018

Nerang-Broadbeach Rd

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23rd June 2018


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