start your businesse-Commerce is The Future if businesses and Retailers want to survive

As our world took a massive hit through the onset of the 2019 / 2020 pandemic, business as we knew it changed overnight. 

That change is likely to be a permanent one in the way we do business, especially how we buy and sell our goods and services.

This is not a time to sit and wait to see what happens; it is already happening before our very eyes.  Retail as we knew it has been decimated and our laptops and mobile phones have become the way of buying and selling.

These purchases range from food, groceries, clothing, electronics, even vehicles where the buyer can simply view, click, pay and have their goods delivered all from the power of a keypad.

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As this unexpected growth of e-Commerce transactions, major brands, along with smaller brands are

With the sudden influx of e-Commerce sales, brands of all sizes are now scaling their businesses to catch up to this fast moving bullet train by taking their businesses online as quickly as possible.

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e-Commerce has been steadily growing over the past few years but now that growth has accelerated showing that e-commerce is here to stay and is the way things will be done in our changed world.

One of the major benefits of e-Commerce is that it turns a once ‘country bound’ store into a global enterprise allowing trade with countries they never thought they could market to.

The beauty and benefits of e-Commerce is that consumers can shop from within their own comfortable homes.  Sellers can promote worldwide to these consumers via email offering them promotional offers which can be purchased by the click of a button.

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With the restriction of travel of people between States as our borders close, we find that our goods are still allowed through to their eagerly waiting buyers.  Consumers are more engaged than ever as they spend far more time in their homes and on their computers or mobile phones.

As they see traditional retail change before their very eyes, Bricks and Mortar business are realigning themselves to become an online entity, no matter what size or range.

It will be some time before retail realigns itself with our changing world.  There is not prediction to the end of this change or how it will look in 12 months time or even 2 years time, but having an online business is a must if retail is to survive this crisis.

As bricks and mortar businesses look to the way forward, they start to model themselves the current e-Commerce players.  The bigger brands who took to the online stream years ago definitely have the edge and are way ahead of the changing wave of trade.

Gearing up quickly to move to an online strategy is paramount to avoiding being left behind and taken over with the ‘hare and the turtle’ story.  Going with the flow, avoiding the paralysis that can set in if they wait too long to move into the current life-saving trend.

It’s a good idea for anyone who has a retail outlet or is wanting to promote their business online to generate an income to think about their brand and how they want to present their products and services to the public.

Also ensuring they have a system in place to handle online purchases and online deliveries globally.

Is it time for you to have a look at your business from a different angle.  How can your business stand out online to attract more visitors, customers and clients?

The new way of the world and how we do business has taken a dramatic turn and we need to be ready for any more turns that may be heading our way.

Until next time
With Love and Gratitude
Patricia Laverty

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