Overwhelm Patricia LavertyEliminate overwhelm and create structure in your business

With the current “annus horribilis” as our world attempts to eradicate the COVID-19, our old familiar way of life changes before our eyes.

Overwhelm has set upon many people as their lives and businesses are thrown into total disarray.

Where they felt they once had a ‘secure job’ or were thinking about creating an online business to set themselves up for their future, they are now feeling overwhelm as they attempt to create a business fast. 

They see the future before them but find there is so much to do to get some sort of control or structure into their new world of doing business.

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It is extremely difficult to tackle one huge goal all at once. The human brain finds that just too big to deal with.  If you are going to tackle a large goal, then it’s better to break it down into achievable size bites.

In the face of overwhelm, planning and structure is the answer… Patricia Laverty

Let’s have a look at some strategies to help you eliminate overwhelm from your business life and bring some harmony and control back into it.

1.Stop, breathe and plan

It’s time to ‘calm the farm’ and give your brain and emotions a chance to settle and return to base camp. You need a calm mind to come up with an achievable plan for your project.

Example:    If you have an online business or creating one from scratch, it would be beneficial to mind-map what type of business you would like to put your time and effort into.

  1. Write it out

What is the specific goal that you are wishing to achieve?  Now you may have more than one goal, but let’s start with one, and then you can rinse and repeat for each goal after that – but remember “one at a time”, otherwise you’ll be right back where you started from.

Example:    What goal would give you the fastest leverage? What goal could you start without spending heaps of dollars?  What goal do you feel you are most familiar with and could do easily?


  1. Dissect the goal

Take your goal and break it down into manageable tasks. Then take each task and give it a manageable timeframe.  Also, what tools, skills and elements are needed for each goal?

Example:    Write down 3 weekly goals you wish to start with, then break each goal down into daily tasks to achieve each goal.  Rinse and repeat for each goal.  By the end of that week you will have completed 3 goals.

  1. Create the structure

Having a structure or a roadmap for your project takes the pressure off your mind.  Get it out of your head and onto paper, or computer, so you can visually see it in front of you.

Example:    Create a ‘give away’, organise a sales funnel, set up an autoresponder and start to attract visitors to your website or blog site.  Remember to write weekly blogs to give interesting content and help to your client base.

  1. Get a Mentor

Mentors have already beaten the path before you and can show you the fastest way to creating an income generating online business. Learning from somebody who has created a successful online business before you is the fastest way to your end goal. 

Learning how to avoid making mistakes and implementing the “best practices” from a Mentor will prevent you from making huge mistakes and taking the wrong turns. 

Example:    When building an online business there are certain tools needed which are necessary to support your business – like – claiming a Domain Name; Organising Hosting for your website; setting up an Autoresponder to capture your list.

So, go ahead and take some comfort and support from the steps above and reach out if you need help.  You can always find me on my Facebook Page, or Instagram.

Until next time
With Love and Gratitude
Patricia Laverty


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