How Boosting Your Energy Levels Can Help You Achieve Your Goals.

How has your year started off? Have you bounced into it with a Zing and ready to take on the world, or did you have amazing intentions for January 1st but somehow your energy levels have just not risen to meet that expected Zing?

At some stage we can all find ourselves feeling tired and drained as our lives become busier. But I’ve also found that even when we lead a somewhat sedentary lifestyle it can be difficult to find your groove again especially after several weeks of downtime. And that can feel Heavy right?

For us to accomplish what we want in life whether it’s heading off to your job every day or if you have branched out to create your own business ideas, then you are going to need an abundance of energy, enthusiasm, happiness and zing!  

Here are some sure fired remedies to bring back that pep in your step.

Get More Sleep

Yep, it’s the Sleep thingy…. Now this is one that I have struggled with for years, but I know when I get a good 8 hours sleep I feel like a different person.  Sleep is something that gets forgotten and is given a low priority when you’re busy.

You can develop habits like going to bed late, sleeping on and off for an hour or two here and there, cutting out more and more valuable rest time.

Suffering from lack of sleep with an added result of weight gain (eeek !), can turn you into a grumpy bum, and feeling lethargic – so your work and business is going to suffer.

Here are some tips to get more sleep and turn that frown upside down:

  • Schedule yourself to go to bed a little bit earlier, this will then become the new healthier pattern and your body will soon adapt to it’s new routine
  • Remove any electronic devices such as phones, tv’s from the bedroom
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Perhaps even do some meditation to relax you as you drift off into that blissful sleep

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Stress Buster

We all know that stress can affect your energy levels and it can also affect your concentration, even preventing you from switching off.   But did you know that it can also make you feel anxious and affect both your physical and mental health?

By eliminating stress from your life – or at least minimising it, it can increase your physical and mental health along with bringing back your energy levels and put the pep back into your step.

It is quite difficult to travel through your day handling all your tasks while your mind and body is in the state of Stress or Anxiety; it’s counterproductive and who wants it anyway?  Wouldn’t you rather enjoy the journey and feel you have achieved by the end of the day?

Minimising stress can be achieved by:

  • Taking a walk regularly to breathe in some clear air, and it is also a great way to stimulate the brain and bring some inspiration
  • Time out ! Take some time out to relax (even 20 minutes will help)
  • Having a regular time to Meditate can set you up nicely for your day; and even a quick 15 minutes meditation throughout the day will do wonders for you
  • Keep the water intake up – squeeze a little bit of lemon into your water to create some Alkalinity in your body and keep those cells hydrated !

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Move It Or Lose It!

We all know about muscles and how they stay healthy and strong because they are being regularly used right! Well if we don’t do that and allow our muscles to be lazy, then the reverse happens.  That’s right, if you don’t use your muscles then you will start muscle atrophy.

The same can be said of your body and your mind. If you avoid regular exercise your body will start to decline into atrophy along with encouraging the risk of obesity and other chronic diseases.

A lazy mind and body will attract the wrong kind of energy and your body will think – well it’s not being used so we’ll reduce any energy going to that part of the body of mind.

The fastest way to get out of feeling down is to move!  Movement stimulates the mind and the body faster than anything else on the planet.

  • A 10 minute walk around the block will bring you an instant energy hit
  • Creating a regular time for exercise in the morning will set you up for your whole day
  • Start with low-intensity workouts and increase a tiny bit each day
  • Lots of meetings – ask your colleagues to have a Walking Meeting – that’s right go to the nearest park and walk while you are talking
  • Hydrate, hydrate – this is so important – and with water (not soda’s)

Avoid Toxins

Toxins live in our food and in the air (especially around smokers).  You want to avoid toxins like the plague.  I don’t need to tell you that smoking has terrible side affects and can cause health conditions including heart disease, stroke and cancer.  If you are serious about your life, your family and your business you need to take note of where the toxins lurk.

  • Breathe in clean air – escape the city and go for a drive to the country where the air is a little cleaner
  • The ocean is amazing for air, you know how good it feels to just stand by the lapping waves and breathe in that clean air
  • Avoid walking close to smokers – the second hand smoke is just as dangerous – cross the street if you have to !
  • Qigong is a wonderful way to get air and energy into your lungs and your body – try it, you’ll love it
  • Check out the food labels – If you’re not into the label checking, then the rule of thumb is “if it’s processed, then it will have some sort of preservative or chemical in it”.
  • Eat clean, drink clean, walk, run, exercise, breathe!

Avoid Sugar

Now when we are on the run and have not prepared our food for the day, it’s easy to grab that quick sugar hit with a chocolate bar, fizzy drink or snack. This will give your body a quick hit of energy, but then it will drop you like a hot potato fast and you will feel like the life has been sucked out of you – Right!

Sugar releases a quick hit of energy into your blood stream causing a “Sugar Spike”.  And remember what goes up must come down – and it comes down faster than it went up.  So if you reach for that quick sugar hit you will pay for it pretty soon after the ‘high’.

  • Prepare food for your day
  • Sodas are full of sugar !!!
  • Pack some snacks like veggie sticks and have them ready for those expected lows.
  • I always having something with me in the car in the late afternoon – that’s my “I’m starving phase” – otherwise I can eat you out of house and home before I get back for dinner !
  • Again, unprocessed is best
  • Apples, celery, carrot, handful of almonds
  • And always have a bottle of water with you
  • Oh and avoid leaving your water in the car especially if it’s in a plastic bottle

Now just to summarise.  To achieve your goals, dreams and desires it takes a lot of energy from both your mind and your body. 

You need to expect more from yourself than anybody else possibly could to achieve awesomeness.

If you want to have success in your business, you first need to make sure you are in peak physical and mental condition. And this happens because you put yourself first, your put your health first.  You set yourself up for your day, your week, your year.

You schedule yourself first, your schedule your food first, you schedule your water intake first, you schedule your exercise first, you schedule your breathing first – before anything else.

If you take care of the vessel you live in every day both mentally and physically. You will be head and shoulders above what most people (who are just getting through their day, who are just surviving).  

I want you to be greeting your day with eagerness, fun, excitement, and ending it with a WOW that was amazing.

I look forward to seeing you at my LIVE Events, Workshops, or perhaps on my Free Training on Facebook.

Until Next time…..

Patricia Laverty 

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