Bad Habits and addictionsHow to break a bad habit and create a better one

We are all striving to live a better, more fulfilled life by creating great strategies, ethics and good habits. 

As we form these habits, they can be in the form of good habits that take us one step further towards our goals or bad habits that take us one step away from our goals.

Not only are bad habits time wasters, they are also goal stealers as they jeopardise your plans and affect your both physically and mentally.

Energy is another area of your life and wellbeing that is affected by bad habits, as they nag away at you both internally whilst tempting you externally.

The good news is that you can get rid of your bad habits and addictions – that’s if you want to.  Nobody can make you do this; it has to come from you; when you are ready, you can eliminate bad habits and create new healthy ones that will serve you better for the rest of your life.

Watch this quick 60 second video – it will help !

Bad habits and addictions can be created for several reasons. We use our addictions or bad habits to deal with our boredom or possibly stress, which are the most common causes. 

Some bad habits or addictions could be:

  • Eating chocolate (the whole block)
  • Smoking
  • Nail biting
  • Negative Self talk
  • Snacking on packets of biscuits
  • Going back to the cupboard for “just one more”
  • Buying anything just to fill the ‘spending void’
  • Something emotional
  • Relationship issues
  • Feeling stressed

We all have habits, both bad and good that we formed from the day we were born; some of them being beneficial and some of them not so helpful or healthy. We don’t get rid of bad habits or addictions – we replace them with new healthy habits that serve us for the better.

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And, of course bad habits and addictions can be formed because of a limiting belief, a past experience, a trauma, or something may have frightened you.

Triggers are events or occurrences that start the string of actions leading up to partaking in the bad habit or addiction.  If you want to use at least one tool to eliminate a bad habit or addiction, learn to recognise what happened leading up to you wanting to partake.  This will start to tell a story and your trigger can turn into a ‘warning – danger ahead’ sign that can veer you away instead of drawing you closer to the unwanted addiction or habit.

So what are the benefits of your bad habit or addiction.  Is it that you want some fresh air (inhaling); you enjoy the sensation of chewing; you like to spend money?  There is always a benefit lurking around the reason for your bad habit.  Find that benefit and again you are one step closer to eliminating it.

Now why am I specifically talking about bad habits and addictions.  Well the reason is that you are all striving to get on in the world; trying to make your business work; trying to earn a living; trying to create credibility.  In other words you have goals, large and small, that you want to achieve and I can tell you my friend that it will be extremely difficult for you to reach those mighty goals with bad habits and addictions thwarting your efforts.

Here are a couple of tips to help you:

  1. Recognise what the bad habit or addiction is

Knowing what you do, what triggers it and how you do it is like writing the recipe.  When you know these ingredients you are starting to get ready to control and change the recipe to a new healthy one.

  1. Remove possible triggers or items

Recognising your triggers or items that you like to eat, smoke, drink etc, bring you one step closer to power because you can remove those controls from you home, car, office, computer, phone or people.  When those items are not so easily available your brain will go into action to find what else it can be doing.

  1. Create new, healthier and beneficial recipes

As your brain goes into action trying to find something to do, make sure you are ahead of it by creating a new system for it to follow.  You may have replaced eating a block of chocolate with going for a 30 minute walk, because you saw the trigger, new the recipe, you were ready with a new recipe for your brain.

“If you fail to control your thoughts,
your thoughts will never fail to control you!”

The last thing I want to remind you of is to “know that you are worth it”.

Having good self-esteem is really important for your wellbeing.  When you think well of yourself, you are less likely to do damage to your mind or body.  Write a statement down that represents who you are and what you stand for. 

Read this every day and strengthen your mind and your emotions to serve you well for the rest of your life.

So, go ahead and take some comfort and support from the steps above and reach out if you need help.  You can always find me on my Facebook Page, or Instagram.

Until next time
With Love and Gratitude


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