Beautiful roadsHow to Keep Your Mindset Strong and Focussed

As the world changes before our very eyes, I’m reminded of the vulnerability of people’s mindsets.

Some people will bow to the unwelcome pressures; some people will use the world circumstances as an excuse to stop; some people will smash through it – and say “I’m not accepting this and I’m going to make this work out”.

Having a strong mindset will help you get through the challenges we will meet in both life and business.

No one know exactly what is going to happen in the future, this is the risk we all take. 

When your environment fluctuates and you are uncertain, then maintaining a strong mindset and staying alert, ready for unexpected changes can keep you ahead of the game.  This is where a strong mindset is of vital importance.

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A strong mindset is always on the lookout for potential opportunities and it plans to make them happen.  Not all lines are straight; not all situations are what they seem, so adopting different ways of thinking is vital.

Here are 5 tips to help you build a strong mindset:


  1. Believe and Trust in Yourself

You’ve got this!  Yes, there are changes in the world, but remember this isn’t the first or only time that this has happened in the history of time.  The World will recover, albeit in a different way. But it will recover and we will move on with these ongoing changes, adapting to new systems and perhaps some amazing discoveries will arise.

Believe in yourself, you didn’t come this far to only come this far.  Believe in your abilities and trust your instincts, your gut feelings, your knowledge, your skills. Be strong, be brave and step forward.

  1. Welcome The Change

So, the old saying “If you can’t beat them, join them” comes to mind.  We don’t have any control over the entire world. But we do have control about how we will react, act and present ourselves in our business and in our personal lives.

Every person is different; every person reacts in different ways to different situations.  This is change at it’s highest level and you can either shrink away from it and be in another person’s control, or you can welcome the change.  Change can also be disguised with a scary cloak surrounding it, but if you have a good look underneath, perhaps there is something there that can be used in a good way.

Not all change is bad. Be on the lookout for change, welcome it, become its friend, learn about it and in turn it will serve you and your needs.

  1. Are you in Control?

A friend of mine once said to me “when facing a situation, ask yourself the question – Does this Empower or Disempower me?”

upcoming events Well the answer was clear for me – if it Disempowered me, then I had to make a change.  If I couldn’t move away from it or remove it, then I had to learn how to turn it into a better thing.

Being in the place of empowerment puts you in the driver’s seat, puts you at the helm, you are in control. 

You get to say what happens, you get to steer a situation towards a better outcome.

Being disempowered is like being in a rowboat with now oars heading for a waterfall.

Choose empowerment, Choose control.

  1. Are you Committed?

If you saw a small child heading for a power socket ready to put something metal into it, I bet you would stop at nothing to prevent that child from fulfilling his or her mission.  Why? Because the child will get an electric shock and could possibly die.

But you would stop that child – no matter if they screamed blue murder and flailed their arms and legs around to get away from you.

So, I ask you the question – what is it in you that rises to that occasion, totally committed to prevent that child from hurting itself?

Yet when it comes to business, you will falter, waiver, pull back.  Find that ‘thing’ within you that will prevent a child from hurting itself, name it and turn it loose on your business.

Never never give up, never never stop, always push forward and find a way through to your success.

You can do it, you’ve proven it. Now be committed to you and do it for yourself.

  1. What’s Your Intention?

Now I hear people asking “what’s your goal”, ‘what’s your purpose?” And I see people spending valuable time trying to work out what their purpose is.

I like to use a different word “Intention”.

What is your intention?  What do you intend to do today?  What one thing do you intend to do today that will take your business one step closer towards your goal?

You will find this word is much easier for your brain, body and emotions to handle and you will have an easier progress forward.

Our intention creates our reality.  … Wayne Dyer

So, go ahead and take some comfort and support from the steps above and reach out if you need help.  You can always find me on my Facebook Page, or Instagram.

Until Next Time
With Love and Gratitude
Patricia Laverty


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