I Didn’t Expect It To Happen To Me: When Your Life Is Suddenly Turned Upside Down

This Brisbane central mall is usually packed with thousands of people traversing their way to work, shopping, getting their daily coffee hit, meeting up with work colleagues or friends and generally bustling with overseas visitors eager to see our beautiful country.

But as you can see in the photo below it is all but empty now with the arrival of the Coronavirus or COVID-19 into Australia.  As the coronavirus has moved to pandemic the entire world is experiencing the effect of it.

One of the major areas being affected is the workforce.  People in business, retail, hotels, restaurants and travel being part of a very large list.  And I’m sure most people are saying “I Didn’t expect It to happen to me – My life has just been turned upside down.

When people walked through empty Brisbane streets last week, they didn’t realize they were heading to their last shift at work.

Their city had become an epicentre of the coronavirus outbreak. Parking lots, normally jam packed, were deserted. Shop fronts had handwritten “Closed” signs on their windows and doors.

Overnight, the unexpected had happened: Offices, events, restaurants and schools closed. Residents taking refuge in their homes. Cruise ships quarantined preventing passengers and visitors to stop arriving.

So where to from here?

Currently we have all activated our ‘croc brain’ to deal with the fight or flight situation we find ourselves in.

The oldest part of the human brain is called the croc brain, or “reptile brain”. It is a part of the human brain that deals with survival, fight or flight, new situations or fear. The croc brain is also attracted to the new or novel.

Do you remember the Velociraptors on Jurassic Park? Do you remember how quick they were and how the honed into anything that moved?

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Well the croc brain is interested in any idea that:

  • is fast or moving
  • is novel
  • is concrete

So here we are with a new way of life right on our doorstep and we are the ones who get to create how the world will look in the future.  This is your time to kick start your business into a new realm that you haven’t quite figured out yet.  Get excited!

Brisbane empty COVID-19 This pandemic has not only turned our world upside down, but it will change the way we do business as we know it for the future.

Now is the time to turn your business into an online dynasty.  And I know some of you are not sure how that would look or how to take the first steps to create that.  Right now with croc brain activated and trying to see your way forward, it can look like a an uncertain and painful view.

But it’s now time to push through and put fear in it’s place

Fear is a reaction; Courage is a decision

We can respond to the fight or flight response to fear, but we can fight on by choosing courage.  This is the time to show your inner strength, to put that rabbit out of the hat and to stand in strength and courage.

This is the time when new businesses, new ideas, new gadgets will be invented and become our new way of living and doing business.  Will you be part of this?

This is the time you can brainstorm and mind-map your way to a new way of creating business for yourself and your family and your survival.

So it’s time step into the ring, get help, educate yourself and start honing in like a Velociraptor!

We are stronger together.  You have me and mine on your team!

If you need help, just to talk, feeling isolated, need some fabulous ideas to create your business… whatever, please organise a complimentary online chat with me – this is my gift to you during these uncertain times…. Let’s get some certainty into your future – I’m here to help you….

Until then

With Love and Gratitude

Patricia Laverty


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