A question I’m being asked lately is “Why Are My Images Not Appearing On Facebook?”

If your image isn’t the right size that you’ve chosen for your blog post it’s not going to turn up when you post your blog link onto Facebook.

Now it’s important to have an image on your Facebook post – just posting text and a link isn’t very appealing and a lot of visitors won’t notice your post, and hence not click on your link.

So what we need to do is change our image size to meet Facebook’s criteria. You can use Canva.com to create the correct size- 600×315 pixels or larger.

There are two ways to have Facebook select which image to use on your post – Firstly you can use the “Featured Image” tool on the right hand side of your blog editor.

Secondly you can place an image as the very first thing that is seen on your blog – so image first, followed by text and the rest of your blog post.

Once you have created your image you can then upload it into your Media Library in WordPress.

Now, there is another step to do to fix this problem.

You will notice a Debug button on your WordPress Blog Editor – it’s best to use this button to ensure it’s done the job properly.

Now remember to login to your Facebook account first before you use the Debug tool.

The debug tool takes the Permalink from your blog post and tries to bring the image through.  Usually it is still showing the old (small) image – so we need to clear this.

Use the Scrape button on the Debug tool and wait a minute and it will bring the new image through for you.  Don’t worry if it doesn’t happen the first time – just wait a minute or two and Scrape again.

Once the Debug tool shows your new image, then you can rest assured that this is the image Facebook will show when you post.

You can easily test this out by using the Permalink from your WordPress Blog post – and place it into a Facebook Post – this will automatically bring up the correct image for you.

Now it’s a good idea to go and check any previous blog posts you have created to make sure they are the correct size.  

Sit yourself down with a cuppa and you can have them fixed lickety split and in a hurry

Feel free to email me if you have any questions, and please leave a nice comment below.
e: Patricia@PatriciaLaverty.com

See you soon

….and remember

Never give up until the miracle happens – and then still never give up !

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