I was being interviewed for a podcast show yesterday and we got into some very interesting conversations.  One of which was about how entrepreneurs keep their mojo going.

As entrepreneurs, business people, people working 2 jobs, people who work from home… we are our own bosses, strategists and time keepers.

When an employee has a boss and they turn up for a scheduled 8 hour day to the office, there is a re-updated structure in place.  There is a desk, a lunch room, amenities, other people to talk to, a schedule to follow – reports, deadlines, meetings, projects and completions.

When we have a schedule to follow we know we have tasks to complete – whether we like it or not – but we get to it, get help, talk it through… whatever we need to do to get that job done, we find a way to complete.  Otherwise there are consequences right?

So here we are working from home or in your own dedicated office.  You start off with your structure, your deadlines, your strategies, but we have nobody to answer to but ourselves.

We all have capacity to grow…. But do you grow or deteriorate?

Knowing that we have nobody to answer to but ourselves can be a dangerous place. Why do I say that – because we can get distracted.  We could have a quick tidy up, just sit down and watch a program on TV, nip down the street for a quick coffee, have a friend call in for a visit.  All of this seems innocent at first, but let me caution you, this could be the start of a decline in your commitment to your business.

A client of mine Ann had been working on a project for some time and when that project came to completion Ann decided to have some time off and chill.  Well that’s a great idea.  Unfortunately, Ann chilled too long and came to a grinding halt.  No problems she said, I’ll be right back to it shortly.  But that didn’t happen.

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Over the following months, Ann remained in her chilled situation, thinking that work would come her way shortly and she would be ‘right back into it’.  But that didn’t happen, work did not come her way and she found she had to now start to compete for projects and work hard to bring her momentum back up.

What happened is that Ann had lost her focus, her energy and drive. Her habits had changed from energetic, thinking, enthusiastic and forward moving, to that of sit down, do it later and hopefully things will turn around okay.  And that can be a difficult place to bring yourself out of, especially if you are working on your own with nobody to encourage you forward. Ann needed to reach out for help.

Ideas, habits and ways of life start in embryonic form but you need to feed them.

Dreams left to themselves deteriorate, your mind left to itself will deteriorate. Your problem, anger, negativity left to itself will only get worse unless you attend to it.

Suggestions to keep your momentum moving forward.  Well firstly try avoid letting yourself go there, don’t wait until you feel down before you take some action.  Reach out for help.

Iphones and Android phones are so sophisticated these days and you can load them up with music or seminars and talks from your favourite speakers.  You can have motivational coaches speaking to you while you are driving. If you are finding it difficult to get moving in the morning then play those motivational talks right next to your bed as you wake up. If you know you are prone to having ‘down time’ then listen, read, move – do it before it happens.

This will help get you into state and it will help you develop a new habit, a strong habit that will only make your day, week, month, year better.

When we are in business, we need to do things well and with excellence and our capacity can grow.  We need to be in a good mental and emotional state so we can give more.  If you are offering an excellent service or product then do it well, do it with excellence and it will attract more to it like a magnet.

So develop good habits, keep moving, get help, be good to your clients and keep moving forward.



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