What is Affiliate Marketing?

In this new world and economy, it has become of interest for people of all cultures to want to work from home and earn an income online.

Working from home can be a wonderful thing, re-updated, you can organise your own day the way you want, earn as much or as little as you want, spend as much time as you want on your hobbies and report only to yourself.

But beware, you do need a plan or you could go off track!

Having a good website is one way to go, but, that’s not always true. Investing your time and money into a website can be avoided and you can still make lots of dollars per week without spending too much to get you started and without a website.

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Sounds too good to be true?

Affiliate marketing – a.k.a. “Selling Other People’s Products” lets you be paid royalties or a percentage of the sale just for promoting their product or service. When you see how easy it is to set up you will become more interested in how it all works to your benefit. You can join Affiliate networks for free and use free internet tools to get you up and operational fast.

Some of the Affiliate Networks are ClickBank, JV Zoo, Amazon.

Once you decide on an Affiliate Network to join, having a peruse and a read of their information is important so you understand how they work, and especially how you get paid for your work.

Once you have read up on the Affiliate Network, it’s time to browse through their “Market Place” and see which category is most attractive to you. It’s always best to pick something you are interested in first so the journey is a little easier for you to get into the swing of it. The product or service you choose will have a link so you can see their “Sales Page” – this is the page the “Buyer” will see and be attracted to purchase the product or service. Sometimes it’s a good idea to buy the product yourself so you can experience it yourself… but remember this isn’t necessary to get you started.

Once you choose your product or service and are happy to promote – you just get that link and start promoting by attaching the link it to your posts, articles, or pay per click advertising.

And if you do have a website… the link can be placed there too.

Now, remember, it’s not as easy as that to start with… You do need to do your homework and understand the product or service. And you need to promote widely. Systemising your promotion is important so you stay on track.

Forums are also another way to promote your product or service. Finding related forums where you can comment or suggest, or help. Remember to be careful and tactful, avoid jumping right in. It’s best to create a bit of rapport first before you try to ‘hard sell’. But you will find forums where it is okay to invite people or post your affiliate link.

Be of help to people, join their community and let them see you are genuinely interested. Then they will be more willing to visit your link or engage in your posts.

Article writing is a powerful way of getting your message out. Just keep thinking about ‘helping people’ and ‘solving problems’ and you will stay on track with your article content. Also keep your articles short and concise so you don’t waffle on and lose the reader’s interest.

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Also, being consistent with your article writing is important. Once a week would be good, but more often like once a day for a few weeks would be even better, then you can settle into once a week.

Once you get into the swing of this, you can promote more than one product or service. Start with something that interests you or you know a bit about to make it easy to start, then you can branch out with different products and services by simply using the same methods.

Be consistent, patient and keep going. It’s not always an overnight success, but consistency will pay off in the end.

Happy marketing.

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