Do you feel intimidated about writing your blog?  Do you feel you are not a good writer?  Are you nervous about writing?  Well I have to tell you that’s quite normal to feel that way. 

You may feel you have nothing to write about. You may feel you have nothing to say. Do you perhaps feel you are not an expert in your niche? have you re-updated you skills?

But I have to tell you that re-blogging can be easier than you think.

It’s powerful to be in a great state of mind when you write your blog.  So, it’s best to find what that state is; where that state is; and how does that state look and feel to you.

Did you know that blogging is a way of marketing without having to spend your budget.

There are lots of ways to get yourself into state and ready to blog.   So get yourself ready to write some great blog posts….. 

Avoid Being a Perfectionist

Being a perfectionist can in fact have a paralysing effect.  People can set the bar too high and then feel they cannot reach that target.  Also, they stress about whether people will like reading the content of their blog and again, this can have a paralysing effect.  One thing to remember, is that nothing Is every perfect!  Your blog can never be 100% perfect.  Let that idea go!

Your blog is a place where you share your tips and ideas to help your clients.  Your blog will also help people to get to know you better – and increase trust.  People are looking for a solution to their problem, and you have provided that within your blog.  So, believe in yourself, put your first foot forward and put the content out there!

Your Blog Should be Straight To The Point

Your visitors have come to your blog because they want an answer to a question or more information on a topic.  You don’t need to cover every single aspect of that topic, but give them the important information and perhaps links to read further if they want.

People like to read smaller blogs on your topic and then have the opportunity to come back for the rest of the story. If you are blogging about an in-depth topic, then break it down over a series of blogs, or send people to a book, or white paper, or further information on another page where you have housed the completed article.

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Are You Solving a Problem?

People go to the internet to have a problem solved.  The Internet is where people do their research and seek out help.  So, it’s a great idea to have a solution, or part of the solution to a problem within your niche.

What experience do you have?  Have you been through a situation similar to the one you are blogging about?  Do you know people who have?  Can you provide a solution to this problem?

Make your blog easy to read.

Your blog post can be informal.  You can speak to your audience just as if you were speaking to you best friend over a cup of coffee having a casual chat.

People will relate to you better if you are using an easy and inviting tone.  Don’t drill down to hard in your blog, just give the highlights, the key points and a bit of information to satisfy the reader.  And remember to have links to the full content of your article, so the reader and get the full impact if they want. Once you convince your readers that you a knowledgeable, then they will be back for more.


Do some research on keywords for your niche.  You may think that the first keyword you chose is going to work for you, but when you do some research you find the numbers just don’t add up.  You can use the Google Keyword Planner to help you with statistics on your preferred keyword searching.

Take the Next Step and Write Your Blog

So, now it’s time to stop procrastinating, it’s time to step forward.  I call it “The Rubber Hitting The Road”.  Just write it.  If you’re still worried, then a good trick is to talk it into a recording device and then transcribe it into text.  Also you can just do what I call a “Brain Dump” straight onto the page and then spend a bit of time tidying it up, then make it look good and sound good.

Once you have done this, then congratulate yourself, you have just written your first blog!

Until next time….


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