OK so you want to start an online business.   What is it that has attracted you to the Internet?  Is it because you have now discovered how scary and expensive it is to own and operate a bricks-and-mortar business?   Is it because you also know that a bricks and mortar business can fail and, not only when it fails it will cost you a lot of money out of your own pocket? (re-updated)

Most people want to start a business because they have an idea, a skill, a desire, a passion to create their own business and live the life they always wanted.

Now you don’t have to be too tech savvy to have your dream become a reality. With a bit of help to get you started, you’ll be handling your online business just like the professionals do.  Once you get started you’ll be able to learn valuable techniques used by other successful online business owners and be on your way to living life the way you want to – on your terms.

Well, let’s get started.

Step 1 Choose a Niche

What is a niche? A niche is a gap in the market that can earn you dollars. And that is exactly what you need in order to start your online business. What is it that you want to promote? What is your passion?  We all have a skill, a passion, something we are good at. What is yours?

Who wouldn’t like to take their business to the next level and increase the results they are getting right now from their current online business strategies —>>>>

Your Passion can be turned into an online business really quickly.  Then you just need to start telling others about it.

Business Dictionary definition:

A profitable segment of a market suitable for focused attention by a marketer. Market niches do not exist by themselves, but are created by identifying needs or wants that are not being addressed by competitors, and by offering products that satisfy them.

A niche is a gap in the market where you can make money

You can go to Google.com and see if anybody else is promoting what you’re going to offer. You can also go to Google.com and see if anybody is searching for this product or service.

There are other great strategies and techniques which we can use to help you find your perfect niche.

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Passion to an online business

Is Your Domain Name Available?

I’m sure you are extremely keen to build your online business.  So, it is now time to choose a domain name that aligns with your niche.   For example, if you have decided your niche is the doughnut market then perhaps a good domain name would be www.yummydoughnuts.com. Or Perhaps organic pet food is your niche, so a domain name like www.organicpoochfood.com  might work well for you.

Why am I saying dot-com? Because it’s the best way to go. Forget your dot-everything-else. The World is your oyster. Unless you’re just going to be a local person who’s selling down the road, or within the country, then dot.com it is. You need to become a global marketer because the whole world may want or need your product.

Watch over my shoulder as I show you how to purchase a domain name

So, let’s get down to purchasing your domain name. I have given you links to the suppliers who I use myself.  When you use these links, you will receive the same discount that I receive myself and this will put some dollars back into your pocket.

USE THIS LINK: to purchase your domain  

AUS$- A$.99* .COM Domain! Get going with GoDaddy!

Join and Stay with suppliers who give you great support. You need to know that the support team can help you with any of your questions, and they are easy to contact. That’s totally worth the money you invest. Searching for other suppliers to save one dollar just isn’t worth the heartache. I only use trusted and helpful suppliers to support my businesses.

Step 2 Your Website

Now that you have your domain name it’s time to join with a reputable hosting provider to host your domain name and website.   Again I have provided you with links to reputable hosting providers that I use myself for my own businesses.  When you use these links, you will receive the same discount as I do and this will put some dollars back into your pocket.

USE THIS LINK for Your Hosting Provider  

HostGator Web Hosting

Downloading WordPress

Now that you have your Domain and Hosting, it’s time to create your Website.

The best platform to build your website on is WordPress.  Why is that?  Well firstly because it’s free and secondly because it’s one of the most powerful platforms in the world.

The fastest way to download WordPress is from your Hosting Provider’s CPanel.  This will ensure that you obtain your download from WordPress.org and not WordPress.com.  Sound confusing?  It’s about you being in control. Just follow my tutorial and it’s as easy as eating an apple.

Here’s a description for you.

WordPress.com vs WordPress.org.

The one major difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org is who’s actually hosting your website.

WithWordPress.org, YOU host your own blog or website. You access WordPress.org via the CPanel of your Hosting provider.

Now you may think that you need to be highly tech savvy to create your own online business …. But you don’t.  With a little bit of help you can learn, step by step how to create and manage your own business – saving you thousands of dollars along the way. It’s almost mind-blowingly easy.

Step 3 Join income-generating affiliate partners.

Yay! How do we get money into our bank? You do it a couple of ways. First of all, if you have your own product or service to sell, I suggest you get yourself a business PayPal account, which means you need to get yourself an ABN number to complete that task.

Why I suggest Paypal is because those people out in your global market don’t know who you are. If you’re trying to sell them something and they think, “Oh, this website wants my credit card details”, then they are unlikely to purchase from you. People are cautious of buying from suppliers that they don’t have a relationship with yet.

PayPal is a trusted source and your customer knows that they have an avenue to come back through if there is a possible issue with their purchase.  It’s a trust the should be built between you and them, and that starts this step is the beginning of the trust. Once they know you are a trusted source, they will be more willing to use other means of payment.  So it’s a good idea to give your customer the option of Paypal.

The other thing is to join Affiliate Supplier Programs.  The reason I suggest this is that you can sell their products and services and receive a commission for doing so. Your visitor may like your niche or your concept, but they may not want to purchase your product yet. If you have alternative Affiliate Product on offer, then your visitor is being given a choice – and you have not lost out on a sale.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing – aka. “Selling Other People’s Products” lets you be paid royalties or a percentage of the sale just for promoting their product or service. When you see how easy it is to set up you will become more interested in how it all works to your benefit. You can join Affiliate Supplier networks for free and start displaying and promoting their products fast.

Some of the Affiliate Networks are ClickBank, JV Zoo, Amazon, just to name a few.

Once you have an Affiliate Partner to work with, it’s time to browse through their “Market Place” and see which product or service is most suitable for you to promote.

Once you choose your Affiliate product or service and are happy to promote – you just get the Affiliate Supplier’s unique link and start promoting by attaching the link to your Blogs, pages and content.


Blogging is like putting your business on  Health Steroids.  Also, being consistent with your article writing or Blogging is very important for Google ranking. Blogging once a week would be a good routine to settle into.  This will give you lots of content and exposure on the internet.

Once you get into the swing of this, you can promote more than one product or service. Start with something that interests you or you know a bit about to make it easy for you, then you can branch out with different products and services by simply using the same methods I teach my clients.

Be consistent, patient and keep going, consistency will pay off in the end.

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Passion to an online business

Working from home can be a wonderful thing. You can organise your own day the way you want, earn as much as you want, spend as much time as you want on your hobbies and report only to yourself – just like I do.

Please feel free to use the links I’ve provided in this blog to help you turn your Passion into and Online Business.

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