In today’s “Information Age” we have access to other people’s articles, blogs and images.  I understand how important it is to read that content.  You’re keeping up with the latest, the newest, the “who’s saying what” and you’re keeping abreast of the information and news about your niche.

It’s also important that you should be writing your own articles and blogs on a weekly basis so that you can keep your readers informed, engaged and educated. 

When you are writing your own articles and blogs can be difficult sometimes when you are faced with the “what will I write today” or “where am I going to get content from” or “I don’t have a good image or photo to use”.  And, of course you can be tempted to borrow from another website or blog site. 

This is where I want you to STOP and think! 

Before you take action here, I draw your attention to Copyright and Plagiarism.

Even if you take content from another website and re-word it…. It is still considered unethical.

What is the desired outcome of your blog, your niche or your business?  Is it to have a healthy monthly passive Income?  Is it to talk about the thing that you love – your Passion?  Is it to make a second income to help pay the bills, take a holiday or pay for a better education for yourself or your children?



Whatever it is then wouldn’t you want your readers and visitors to know you have original content? Wouldn’t you want them to see and hear that you are using your own voice, your own words and your own ideas.  Wouldn’t you want them to believe in you? Wouldn’t you want them to trust you?

If you want to use other people’s content, then you must ask their permission and you must cite and reference where that content came from. 

This goes for images as well.  You must ask permission to use another author’s image and you must reference them on your Blog as being the owner of that image.

For example, if you are using a quote from let’s say Tony Robbins, then it should look something like this, optionally you can add a link to the author’s name too:

“It is in your moments of decision that
your destiny is shaped”
….. Tony Robbins


Or if you use an image….

I mentor and coach by clients to be authentic, to be themselves, to have their own voice.  It’s extremely important to live your life with integrity and authenticity.

Never strive to be an also-ran. 

Never strive to walk in another person’s shadow.

If you are wanting to create your own business, your own niche and you are struggling to get started, or if you feel like you are at a stand-still, then get help, learn from an expert.

The fastest way to success is to model yourself on somebody who has succeeded, somebody who has shown the way, somebody who has done this before and knows how to help you achieve your dreams and goals.

Perhaps your passion, idea or skill is in creating things

Maybe it’s in selling products, or coaching…

But you know what that passion is for you… and it’s been craving to have a voice.

Some days you think about it but are too fearful or embarrassed to speak out 

But other days, it feels like it’s going to burst out of you without warning.

Listen to this feeling. It’s telling you something very important

The reason it nags at you is because it’s an unresolved issue within you and it won’t quiet down until you take notice of it.

There’s nobody else on this planet like you

Be the Amazing, Authentic version of yourself


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