Are Your Limiting Beliefs Preventing Your Wealth?

The goals and desires you have set for yourself – have you reached them yet?  Why is that? Were they too broad, too specific, too big, not compelling enough or has something stopped you?

But the one question I have for you is – Did you really believe truly that you could and would achieve those desires and goals?

During the course of our lifetime, we build a up a belief system about ourselves, our friends, associates, work, the world and about wealth. This belief system controls and manipulates our thoughts, feelings and desires around many of the decisions we make for ourselves.

Did you know that not only are there emotional and mental effects around our limiting beliefs but there are also physical effects on our body too?

Do you have limiting beliefs around your body shape, or weight?  How do you hold yourself when you walk?  How do you see yourself in the mirror?  What negative affirmations are you saying to yourself?  Dare I guess it would go something like – OMG I look terrible in that outfit !  OMG I’ll never have a nice body!


Do you have limiting beliefs around money or wealth?  How to you treat money?  How do you speak about money? What negative affirmations are you saying to yourself about money and wealth?  Again dare I guess it would go something like – “I’ll never have enough money”; “I just can’t earn enough money to…. “; “My job doesn’t pay enough”; “I would love to have my own business but I don’t know how to ….. “.

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Did you know that your subconscious mind takes what you say to it with far more leverage than if another person said it to you.  What we say to ourselves does far more harm or good than anybody else on the planet can do.

It’s your own Self-Talk that will bring you down or catapults you forward into your desires and dreams.

Let me put more pressure on you here – but remember whatever I’m saying to you is meant with love and to help you to stop hurting yourself – I want to push a couple of buttons here to catapult you forward into achieving your desires, hopes and dreams.

The more you say to yourself “I can’t”; “I don’t deserve”; “I’m not capable”; “I’m not worthy”; “I couldn’t possibly” – then in fact that is what you are really focussing on, they are your desires and goals ! – My coaching to you – STOP IT !

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What we think about most is what will come our way – because we are manifesting it, we are focussing on it, we are encouraging it, we are loading our brain up with all the reasons why we “Shouldn’t”; “Couldn’t”; “not deserving of it”.

So my friend, how about changing that around to be of benefit to you rather than of harm to you?  I know you truly want to move forward and you truly want somebody to help you do this. Would you like to know how to move closer to your desires and goals?

In my next Blog, I will give you some ideas, tips and help on how to change your mindset into one that will help propel you forward and closer to achieving you dreams and goals.

Until then


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