An autoresponder is a series of emails which is referring or speaking about a specific subject. Autoresponders deliver email messages in a pre-scheduled sequence and intervals.

Your visitors and guests initially subscribe to your offer and allow their email address to be added to your email list. Alternatively you can manually add an email address to your list, although the autoresponder will request for a “Confirmation of Subscription”.

Usually, the autoresponder is designed so you can give information, guidance, education ad help to your subscribers.  On occasion it can be used to make an offer of a sale.

Usually an 80/20 balance of education and sales is a good balance. It’s always great to ask questions and for feedback about what your subscribers would like to see or what they would like further information or education on.

Using an autoresponder series is great for building trust with your subscribers. Your messages will appearances in their email account where you are sharing information, education and help.  It’s always a great idea to encourage your reader to use an embedded link to come back over to your website.  This is the ultimate aim as you ultimately want them to undertake business with you.

On more than one occasion I’ve been asked to recommend a good autoresponder.  There are a few around.  There are really expensive autoresponders, and there are middle of the road autoresponders, and then you have autoresponders that are efficient, effective and jam packed with everything you need to get you started – and what’s more… they are affordable.

Do I recommend the free ones – not in this instance.  With the free autoresponders you seem to have a lot more work to do to set them up – so you are spending valuable time setting up – and it’s not always easy or straight forward.  Then there will be an upsell to add the features you really need like campaigns, automation etc.  So you may as well have purchased a reliable and reputable one in the first place and saved yourself all the stress.

So I recommend an economical, well put together, reliable and popular autoresponder to help you communicate with your list – and what’s more – BUILD your list.

You’ll find that the features you need are already available at the basic level.  You can create your campaigns or your lists, you can broadcast or even have what’s known as a ‘follow up series’.

A follow up series is a great way to automate.  You can set up a schedule or dates ahead of time for when you want your pre-written emails to be sent to your subscribers.

This keeps your subscribers informed, educated and loved… yep give them some customer luvin’ .

But above all, remember the 80/20 rule. 80% education, help and education and 20% offers and sales.  Subscribers don’t want to be sold to all the time; if you do that, then they will unsubscribe and never come back.  But if you treat them like a valued friend and help them, then they will be more open to your offers.

Remember Customer Luvin’ is the key to happy subscribers !


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