Having a TV in your home is a fun thing to have, but do you have to be glued to it 24 / 7?

Yes, I agree there are some fun, entertaining and fabulous educational programs and of course the brilliant David Attenborough (The Bro) can take you on an adventure of a life time!

But… and there is a big but here… there is a huge downside to watching TV.

I for one love, absolutely love, watching TV.  And here’s the but – it can be extremely addictive.  And yes I developed the addiction.  I couldn’t believe it when I realised I had an addiction.  No, not me, I’m productive, I love working on my business, my coaching, always on the go, like to get outside and walk, swim and go to interesting places.

This all came to a screaming halt after a couple of years of TV addiction slowly creeping its way into my world inch by inch until Bam! it took over!

It has been reported that watching too much television can detach you from the real world.  When you get engrossed in your favourite TV Show or movie, you are detached from the real world you are actually living in. 

This can lead to different, unusual and risky behaviour.  Because when you detach from your real word and live in the world you perceive from your TV programs, you may be influenced to engage in the behaviours you are witnessing via the TV.

These behaviours can range from over-eating, smoking, drinking, couch surfing, oh and did I mention over-eating!

Watching too much TV may also influence your brain in a negative way and can lead to a shorter attention span.

Remember addiction doesn’t always happen instantly, it creeps into your world and takes over.  Oh but I only watch TV a couple of hours a day – I can hear you say!  Yep that’s what I used to say.  Until one day you find yourself missing other events so you don’t miss the next episode of ‘As The Stomach Turns’ .. or “An Empty Practice!’.

So check it out. Let’s take stock!  Do you find yourself talking to other people about the last episode of your favourite program?  Do you pre-record weeks ahead in case you might not make it for the time slot that week?  Do you put off important things, saying “I’ll get to that next”, rather than miss your movie or next episode?

And how about your exercise… does that get given a back seat to your TV program? 

That’s how it starts, miss your walk today, then tomorrow….. and so the addiction starts…

TV programs and ads are designed to attract you to buy, sit, wait and be keen for the next exciting hit.  As you are watching your programs and ads your brain is being reprogrammed to stay with them so you will be prompted and enticed to buy products and services.  Companies spend Millions of Dollars on advertising! Why? Because they know a large percentage of the TV watchers will buy.

Have you noticed that some movies and TV shows are talking about brands, showing brands.  What kind of car does Monica in Friends drive?  What kind of food does Joey like?  What brand signs are in the background? What clothes, shoes, handbags, transport…. Shall I go on?

All the time this is happening…. Guess what is happening to you, your health, your brain, your family time, your business.

So my friends in a stand to take back control of my brain, my life, my business…. My TV’s are now lovingly packed away……. I’ve just spent the first 24 hours of my life TV free!

Stay tuned for the next blog and I’ll let you know how I’m going !

See you soon


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